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400-375 BC Corinth Arkarnania Leukas AR Stater Silver Pegasus Athena Facing Left

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ITEM TITLE 400-375 BC Corinth Arkarnania Leukas AR Stater Silver Pegasus Athena Facing Left

  • Condition: Pre-owned
  • Notes: The coin has wonderful detail.

Here is this estate fresh ancient Corinth Arkanania Leukas coin. This ancient silver coin is from approximately 400-375 B.C. It has a helmeted Athena facing left on the obverse. Pegasus on the reverse side is facing right. I acquired this from an estate. The man collected expensive ancient coins and this is in the dealer flip. The coin has wonderful detail. This measures 21.5mm in max diameter, weighs 8.10 grams, and is made of silver. Click here to see the same and similar coins and estimates and auction sales.

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