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7 Piece Vintage Mini Steins Two Pouring Very Unusual HTF, Metal German St. Louis

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For your consideration is this  7-piece collection of German Mini Steins.

Two that I can’t find information about have a foot and are “pouring”. These are 1 1/8″ tall standing and 1″ tall in the pouring position.

One is in scripted “Lowenbrau Keller” on the front and is the lighter colored one of the two beige steins. On the bottom of the foot is stamped what appears to be Ges. Geschuizt. The darker of the two pouring steins is marked Immer noch den vorletzten! Which translates “Still the last but one!” There are two other steins that resemble these size, shape and color wise with no foot, and are marked “It is up to you, St. Louis.” and “We won’t go home till morning. St. Louis.”

The largest stein 2 5/8″ tall and has a picture of what looks to be older Nurnberg Germany with many buildings, trees and the sky. This has no markings on the bottom and sports a metal lid that is attached to the handle but appears to have been broken and repaired.

The “fanciest” of them all is 2″ tall with a patterned metal lid that needs a tiny wire to hold it together where it attaches on the handle. This great little stein has a picture of the bust of a man wearing what looks like a Roman guard hat, and on the other side is the bust of a woman. They’re both looking toward the center which makes it appear they are looking at each other.

Finally we have 1 1/2″ metal stein with a flat lid that opens and is attached nicely. There is a small dent under the lid.

All measurements are to the tip of the thumblift on the steins with lids.

No apparent chips or cracks on any of these fascinating steins.

18188 SB



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