74 Pc Wedgwood Patrician Golden Ivy China Set Made in England Vintage Leaves


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For your consideration is this . The pieces are marked on the bases and some of them have a date code. The last two digits stand for the last two digits of the year that this piece was manufactured. Most of these pieces were made in the late 1940s or the early 1950s. The following is a list of the pieces that are included in this set and their measurements and conditions:

  • 1 Round Chop Plate- 13″ diameter. This chop plate has no cracks or chips. There is some crazing on the front and back and a few usage/utensil marks.
  • 1 Oval Serving Platter- 14 1/8″ diameter. There are no cracks but there are three chips on the top edge.
  • 1 Oval Vegetable Bowl- 10 3/8″ diameter, 2″ tall. There are no hairlines. There is one chip on the top rim.
  • 1 (2 pieces) Tureen w/Lid- Tureen alone is 4 1/2″ tall, 8 1/2″ diameter. The lid is 2 3/4″ tall, 5 3/4″ diameter. Together they are 7 1/4″ tall. The lid has a small chip on the inside edge. It can’t be seen when the lid is on the tureen. There is a small chip on the inside edge of the tureen as well as a large chip on one of the four feet of the tureen. There are only a few light utensil marks on the inside of the tureen.
  • 12 Dinner Plates- There are nine plates that have no chips or cracks. There are two plates that have chips and one more that has a chip and a discolored hairline on the front of the plate. There are some utensil/usage marks.
  • 11 Salad Plates- 8 3/8″ diameter. There are 8 plates that have no chips or cracks. There is one plate that has a small chip, one that has a large chip, and one that has a discolored crow’s foot hairline that can be seen on both the back and the front. There are some utensil/usage marks.
  • 8 Cereal Bowls- 6 5/8″ diameter, 1 5/8″ tall. There are seven pieces that don’t have chips or cracks and there is one that has crazing.
  • 11 Dessert Plates- 6 3/8″ diameter. There are 10 plates that don’t have any cracks or chips but there is one that has a chip on the edge. There are some usage/utensil marks.
  • 15 Saucers- 6″ diameter. There are 10 saucers that have no cracks or chips. There are five saucers that have a chip on the edge. Some of them have utensil/usage marks.
  • 12 Tea Cups- 4 1/8″ diameter, 5″ long with the handle, and 2 1/2″ tall. There are five cup that have no cracks, chips, or discoloration. There are two cups that have a chip, one has it on the top edge, and one has it on the base. There are five more cups that have some brown discoloration that is noticeable. It is usually towards the base.

  This set has a great vintage look to it. This would be a fun set to have at your next dinner party. Please see the pictures for more detail!

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