African Folk Art Carved Wood Statuette Long Faced Man Wooden Tree Background


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For your consideration is this African Folk Art Carved Wood Statuette of a Long Faced Man with a Wooden Tree Background.  His face is very long and his hair is short and very detailed. The background is neat because the part of the wood that we can see from the front is a light color and has been cut, but the back side still has the bark from when this piece was part of a tree. I do not know what kind of wood was used to carve this man, but it is a dark wood (probably Ebony) with a nice grain and color. This statuette measures 9 3/4″ tall and 4 1/8″ wide. The base is 3 3/4″ in diameter. There is a crack from his hairline that goes down by his right eye and his nose. The left side of his head at his temple also has a crack. There are some cracks on the background that show some nice age to the wood. Please see the pictures for more detail.


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