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Antique 19th Century J.E. Buerk Brass Watchclock Leather Case Good Condition 20695

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For your consideration, we are offering this antique J.E. Buerk watchclock. Brothers Jacob Burk of Boston and Johannes Buerk of Germany partnered to offer these fine watchmans clocks to the American market, with Jacob designing and marketing the clocks and johannes manufacturing them. At the time this was a very advanced design, with several other makers borrowing heavily from the Burk/Buerk patents. The latest patent date on this piece is June 26, 1877. This would be carried by a security guard as he made his rounds, using numbered keys mounted at specific locations in his AO. Each time a key was used it would imprint the key number on a paper disc locked inside the watchclock, giving the supervisor a clear confirmation that the guard completed his rounds completely and on schedule. This piece is in very good condition, considering it is about 140 years old. The pinned cover, which typically breaks and is separated, is still attached. The leather case is in solid condition, though the carry strap is missing. It does not seem to run. There are also two missing screws and no key. A paper recording disc is included. The cover and neck are both marked 5541. This measures about 3.25” round.

                                                                                    20695 FL

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