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Antique Nepalese Gurkah Kukri Knife, Carved Wooden Handle 15″ 20538

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For your consideration, we are offering this authentic antique  Kukri knife, favored by the Gurkah people as a general purpose utility knife, used for farming, chopping wood, clearing brush, butchering animals, and warfare. This knife features a carved wooden handle, rich patina on the blade and steel wrapped collar. About 1” of the tip of the blade is broken off and appears to have been missing for a very long time as it has an even patina and smoothed edges. The blade is still very sharp and there is no play in the fitment of the blade and handle. The handle is worn smooth from years handling. Even though this was likely a peasants kukri, it is of superb quality. blade length is 8 3/4”, overall length is 15 1/4”.


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