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Authentic Antique Japanese Wakizashi Sword, Gold Inlays Beautiful 20448

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For your consideration is this masterpiece of medieval weaponry, the Japanese Wakizashi. This sword measures 22 1/2” overall, with a blade length of 15”. This wakizashi is from an unknown period, but age is evident in the craftsmanship and the weathered appearance of the metal parts. The tsuba features a scene of a man holding a fan in his hand and resting under trees. The reverse depicts chrysanthemums. There appears to be gold inlay on both faces of the tsuba, as well as on the fuchi. The tsuka is wood covered in ray skin and bound by cordage. Decorative menuki are found on either side of the grip. The blade is of folded steel and is quite sharp. There is a delamination on the lefthand side of the blade, and the tsuka is held in place by a non-original wooden peg. Please see pics for more detail. The included saya is for a larger sword, being 21” overall and of newer plastic over wood design. Just holding this sword gives a feeling of history and quality, invoking an awareness of the intricacies and beauty of a bygone era.



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