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KPM Berlin Trio Cup Saucer and Luncheon Plate Pink Floral Early Mark Porcelain

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For your consideration is this KPM Berlin Trio Cup Saucer and Luncheon Plate White with Pink Floral Early Mark Porcelain. The center of the plates and the inside of the cup are a beautiful pink. There is some gold gilt loss. These fine pieces are in nice display condition with no chips or cracks. The cup stands about 3-7/8″ tall and is about 3″ in diameter not including the bamboo shaped handle. The saucer is 5-1/2″ in diameter. The cake or luncheon plate is about 7-1/12″ in diameter. Please see the pictures for more details.

18320 BLH


Used between 1840 and 1895, registered at the Königliches Amtsgericht Waldenburg under №·29 on October 26th 1885

The company logo is a cobalt blue sceptre, which is stamped (painted prior to 1837) on every piece.

Royal Porcelain Factory in Berlin, Germany; was founded in 1763 by Frederick II of Prussia (Frederick the Great) as Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin (KPM).

Frederick the Great, as the owner, jokingly referred to himself as his own “best customer”, was under the spell of the Rococo style during his life; a culmination of this artistic style can be seen in his castles. After his death there was a stylistic turning point in Prussia.

Under Frederick the Great’s successor, his nephew Frederick William II, the cheerful soft-brush forms of Rococo gave way to the distinct lines of Classicism.

In the first half of the 19th century KPM was a leader in the production of pictorial and veduta porcelain among the big European manufactories. The manufactory’s managing director from 1832, Freydanck designed a series of works depicting beautiful cityscapes of Berlin and Potsdam. Presented as regal gifts they shaped the image of a new Berlin in the eyes of other European souvereigns.

KPM Berlin decors are all hand painted. The painters are free to interpret the motifs within the design specifications. When finished, the painter signs the porcelain he has decorated. Each piece of porcelain thus becomes a unique work of art.


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