Original 3D Mixed Media Painting R J Grandes ? Matted Barn Windmill Watercolor


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For your consideration is this original watercolor painting by who we think to be artist R. J. Grandes but it’s hard to decipher the first letter of the last name.

This is placed behind glass, triple matted and framed in a nice, weighty ‘rough’-looking wood.

This painting depicts a winter scene of an old barbed wire fence leading to a tan barn with a tall windmill beside it and a pond in front. You can see the reflection of the barn and windmill in the still pond, with pine and bare trees, along with a blue mountain in the background. Everything is a bit snow covered with tufts of grass sticking up through it in the field. In places, especially on the trees, fence posts and pond, the snow is 3D, causing it to look more realistic.

This appears to be a mixed media of colored pencils, watercolor and a media that is painted on for the 3 dimensional effect. The colors featured in this painting are soft and muted tans, browns, greens and blues.

The layered matting consist of light brown, followed by white and topped with a very light beige, and framed in a medium brown. This measures about 22.5” w by 17.5” H. and is in very good shape with light scuffs on the frame. The back is papered but torn around the edges.

Please see pictures for more detail.

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