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This is perhaps the most unique pitch pipe that I have ever seen.  This 12 step chromatic circular pitch pipe is styled like a pocket watch and is likely from around 1900. Both the front and back pieces will pop off. The front has “1” inside and the back has “2” stamped inside, likely to denote front and back. Once the front and back embossed covers are off, the centerpiece will come out of the ring to expose the various sound holes for different pitches. You would have to very careful about what pitches you are trying to find to get the label cover back on. To create sound, one blows into the round hole on the top.  I was able to denote where middle C is, and it is currently set at that pitch. The back is also embossed.  It has a very plain case to keep it safe. The case definite has done its job as it is not in the greatest shape. This tuner is 1 1/2″ diameter. Unfortunately, there is no maker’s mark of any kind on this. I have only seen 2 others like this and they are both in museums (one at the Met, and one at a Holocaust Museum). Please see photos for more details of this unusual piece.

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