Ritter Caulk Dental Water Fountain Rimlock WC Tray Tube Outfit Coupler ANT VTG


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For your consideration is this original new in box tubing outfit for rimlock water cooled dental impression trays.  It is manufactured by Caulk and is made to fit “older and newer” Ritter Tri-Dent floor mounted dental units. It includes a twin coupler onto which both 4′ hoses have been attached and appear glued in. One hose has an end for the older Ritter models, and the other has an attachment for the newer models. The tags attached to the ends say they are “water fountain attachments” for either “late models Ritter units” or “all units except late models of Ritter”. Also included is a metal tube to be used “as the connection to attach hose coupling (plain type) to saliva ejector. Place other hose coupling in container of cold water.”    This is in its original box and tags are tied to their original parts. The metal connection tube is still completely wrapped and taped in its original paper. While the tubing is old, it is still quite ply-able and there are no visible cracks. Please see the photos for more details.

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