WWII German J-Feder 504 Time Delay Fuse, Very Rare, Great Condition 20768

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Achtung! For your consideration, we are offering this uber rare piece of history. This is an original and fairly early example of the J-Feder 504 explosives fuse. This would be set for anywhere from 15 minutes to 21 days by retreating German soldiers and attached to a large explosive as a boobytrap for advancing allied forces. Behind the glass window can be seen the mechanism, as well as the red hour dial and the black day dial. On this facet can also be seen a Waffenamt eagle stamp. The numbers matching serial numbers are 14154. Under the removable threaded cap is the winder and dial for time setting. The Scharf-marked arming screw and chain are present, as is the nose assembly. This unit measures 8.75” long


20768 FL

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